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Sunday, Jul 22 2007 - OK, 03:00 AM and cannot sleep so an early morning insignificant blog for Ya'll. :)

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Morning anyone up reading these musings.

Weather here is much improved. coolled down a little and have been getting afternoon shpwers. Ebby and I are back to cutting grass again.

Both of us are still doing well for a couple of oldsters. I have an appointment this coming Wed with the specialist in Nashville, Tn to take a look at my eye and decide on an avenue of repair. :)

The photo! Is it a crowded day at the beach ???? Help me out here! :)

Hope Ya'll have a great Sunday. Jim :love:

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a decade ago

:hi: Jim~ I got to get back into the habit of starting my day with your blog--what a lovely way to start the day! Oh wait!: its the end of the day--oh well, lovely to read and experience either way :kiss:!!! Mushrooms sure do make me smile when they are all together forming their little surprising villages :teeth3:! Thanks again, for the smile Jim :love:! . . . And I am glad you and Ebby are keepin' on :kiss:! Do you guys still have a big haul of visiting Bull there roaming your place? Love ya TONS, Kristen :heart2:



a decade ago

:wave1: I do not like to eat mushrooms but I am enjoying your pictures of them.....I also was awake at 3am however I forced myself to lay there and tried to go to sleep...must have because the next time I looked at the clock it was 6:15am...Hope you and Ebby are having a blessed Sunday...:)