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Monday, Jul 23 2007 - Monday! Already???

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OK, made it through another whole week. Let's do this one better. :) Have a great week ahead.

The doe was at the feeder in back Saturday about noon. The deer have really "slicked" off for the hot weather. But! Winter is fast approaching again. The herd that frequents our place will have even more cover this year in the areas we cut timber last year. The new growth is already three feet tall in areas.

Ebby and the old guy (me) still around and looking forward to weathering another winter together with the deer. Will be 73 for both Ebby and I. I have to keep reminding myself that Ebby and I have been married for 52 years this winter. Then tack on the four years that we went together in high school and you wonder where all the seasons went. Boy! How time flies when you're having fun!!

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a decade ago

You are a romantic!!!! That's one of the reasons you and Ebby have weathered the storms of life together for so long. Such a blessing! I do miss your photos and wit at SP!! Take care! :wave1: I always think of you when I hear it is finally raining down your way!




a decade ago

Wow Jim...I am humbled. It is great that you found your true love in high school and have remained together all of these years. Nowadays, seems like people get divorced at the drop of a hat, so my hat's off to you and Ebby:)

Jan a.k.a. Ladibluej




a decade ago

:wave1: What a beautiful doe...You are doing so well and look awesome....52 years of marriage is terrific...and still in love...not everyone can say that...You seem to be best friends which I think is the key to a long relationship...Hope you have a wonderful day and week...:)




a decade ago

That's so sweet. :) Congratulations on the many years of friendship and love! It's getting rarer and rarer. The doe is beautiful. I never see the deer around here, but I know they're here. i think I told you one night coming home from the gym six of them crossed the street in front of me....the last one kept hesitating and then finally he went too. That was around the corner from our house. They were beautiful.

by BUN201