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Thursday, Jul 26 2007 - Ebby's adopted bull at deer feeder

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Well, nothing learned new at the eye spec yesterday. Said for me to get a sinus infection cleared up and then would take another look :( Think I am through with this one. Spent all day traveling to, getting exam and then home in a terrible storm. Just don't know where to turn with this prob at this time. will start with clearing up sinus problem :(

After yesterday, think I will just stay home and walk in the pastures with Ren for a few days. Getting too d*** old for days like yesterday.

Take a look at Ebby's adopted bull. Growing like wildfire and no one to claim him. Guess he is here to stay. Oh Well, he has many acres of grass and a never ending supply of water. We all should all be so lucky huh? :)

Anyone reading this mess, be sure to look at the bright side of the day and enjoy it. It (this day) will never return. Jim

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a decade ago

:hi: Jim~ I'm poking my head out from under the covers to catch-up with you :love:. . . . That is a total bummer about your exam yesterday :(--Happy Sinus Healing :love:! I have been wondering about the Bull on your place--he is one very lucky bull indeed :kiss:! Thanks for spreading the tender smiles Jim :love:!!! Love you TONS, Kristen :heart2:



a decade ago

:wave1: I am so surprised that someone is not missing that beautiful young bull..they are expensive animals...Well he is very lucky to have wandered into your pasture because you and Ebby care...I am so sorry that the eye doctor could not give you answers to your eye problems...Take care of that sinus infection....don't want it to get worse...Hope you and Ebby are having a wonderful day...Take care..:)




a decade ago

Wow, that's a disappointment, Jim, for you. What kind of specialist is he? I don't understand the connection between the sinus infection and an eye exam. --not that you shouldn't get the sinus infection treated.... Sorry your trip was so disappointing. Ebby's bull is getting big....sounds like he's found bull heaven. :) We had some cows on the highway in the lower end of our little state. The troopers had to round them up. They got out through a hole in a wire fence. Hope today is restful and relaxing for you, Jim.

by BUN201