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Another sleepless night here. Perhaps my nap during the day is the culprit :(

Thursday, August 30th 2007

Oh well, just more time to do some deep thinking. :)

We at least had a short shower yesterday that cooled things off a little. I am now working in pastures getting them cut and ready for winter.

Nothing exciteing in news today so will just say good morning and God bless. Jim

Hot, muggy, still will take all the rain you can send me!!

Wednesday, August 29th 2007

Beginning to worry about the fish in my pond, it is getting so low I am afraid they are going to run out of oxygen. :(

Waking up too darn early lately. Perhaps to bed to soon in the evenings (around 10:00 OM) but so darn tired I can't wiggle about then. About an hour of TV and then an hour of reading a good novel and my eyes are drooping.

Oh well, not to waste the time lying in the bed I just got up at 5:00 AM and did a 38 minute vigorious workout on my BowFlex. A good way to begin the...

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Same ole, same ole here.

Monday, August 27th 2007

Three days of three digit heat records here last week. Still no rain. someday!

So, just reporting in so you folks will know I am still kicking.

Photo of a couple of "night time" buddies eating together.

Have a nice one, all Jim :)

Hi Y'all, Another hot one in Ga!

Thursday, August 23rd 2007

For several days now we have been bounceing from 97 to 103 degrees. new records set the last few days. Still no rain. Just hight temps and a hot wind. Whew!!!

Photo is of a hawk that has been tryuing to catch Mike's (my edest son) chickens. They just might be roasted chickens if he waits awhile longer.

Hope all are still fine. Today saw an ENT dr about the eyes. More antibotics! :(

Later Y'all, have a great day. Jim

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100 degrees right now and more promised (1600 hrs)

Sunday, August 12th 2007

Boy! This is rough for the n Georgia mountains. We just usually do not have this type of weather for such long periods. Some 103 and 104 days forecast for next week and still no moisture in sight! :(.

Ebby and I were treated by getting the grand children for awhile today. Not often and it was nice. :)

Shot of some of Ebby's flowers in the front yard. Weather is hurting them along with everything else....

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