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Saturday, Sep 8 2007 - A very nice cool morning here and a nice one to Y'all.

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I can almost feel the approaching fall in the early mornings here now but the heat of noon day brings me back to the rash reality that summer isn't through with us just yet. We have been running in the mid to high 90's the past few days and about the same is forecast for next week.

Ebby and I are still doing pretty well for a couple of oldsters and are both looking forward to fall. Have two doc appointments this coming week regarding the old eyes. A cat scan is scheduled for Wednesday and a visit with my eye doc Friday. I have four docs now working in tandom on the eye problem. Perhaps a solution will come any day now. I am having more good days than bad now that we have cleared up some of the infection in the sinus areas. One can only hope.

A beautiful little flower to brighten your day and I sincerely hope it is a great one for you. Take cake all, Jim :)

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a decade ago

I love your photos! Just saw a few of the deer, and now this pretty flower. Good job! Keep 'em comin'!

I will keep you in my prayers with the rest of the CK'ers...

:) Fiatlux




a decade ago

Hope all goes well with those doc appointments. Thanks for brighting my day with that beautiful flower. :)




a decade ago

No matter what kind of eye problem you have Jim, you can still see the beauty of nature enough to photograph it! :thumbu2:

by MA


a decade ago

:wave1: Jim I do not need flowers to brighten my day...I just need to see you blogging...lets me know things are pretty good with you...I sure hope that they get that darn eye problem figured thoughts and prayers are going out to you and yours...:)




a decade ago

This eye malady has not diminished your ability to thrill us with your camera. :kiss:




a decade ago

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, Jim. :teeth1: I'm glad your eyes are doing better - with all those great minds working on a solution, they will get to the heart of it, I'm sure. :love: ************* I can feel the fall in the air here, too, especially when some of the nights get to the 40's. :) Now that I'm retired, I don't dread the winter that much - it's the driving that bothers me, and I just don't have to go out now.:laugh5: The end of this week it's gotten back to summer weather again - hot and humid - but it's winding down. :cry4: Hope you have a great weekend, Jim. :wave1:

by BUN201