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Sunday, Sep 16 2007 - Fall is in the air here in n Ga this morning

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:hi: anyone taking a peek here this morning. The weather has turned cool and we've at last had some rain. We got 5 inches in one day and night. sure did bring up the water level in the pond. Now perhaps the fish will survive. Was beginning to have my doubts.

Been awhile since blogging and just letting everyone know we are doing ok for a couple of oldesters. Miss Y'all I want you to know. Will be able to get on more soon I hope.

Take a look at the young buck that was caught on the deer cam last night at one of my feeders. He is still wearing velvet but will rub it off before long as they are still growing. Hope he doesn't stray too far chasing does this rut and he will be safe here. Would like to at least see him become an eight pointer before someone takes him. Wish we could make it a law that deer could not be taken until they had eight points, but oh well. Yes, I did once upon a time deer hunt but now only do so with the cams. Somewhere the killing instinct fell along the wayside and I am now content just seeing the beauty of these animals. But! I do not fault those who hunt them for the meat. Just hunting for the sport just doesn't seem fair to me. Nuff from the old guy, all of you have a great weekend and God bless, if I may say so. Jim :love:

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a decade ago

Beautiful boy. I love the "velvet" coat. I never heard that term, but I don't know alot about deer. Glad you got the rains. I hope you enjoy the autumn. How I'd love to feel some cool weather. Take good care of each other, eh? :smile1:




a decade ago

Thanks for the photo and taking care of those lovely deer. :kiss::heart2:

by MA


a decade ago

:wave1: Good morning Jim....So nice to see a blog from you....Love the picture of the beautiful animal...So glad to hear you finally got some rain..I would hate for you to dry up and blow away...Have a very blessed Sunday...and remember you and yours are in my prayers....:)