RENIGEID's Oct 2007 CalorieKing Blog

Good morning Y'all,

Sunday, October 21st 2007

Well, another week spent. Wisely I hope for everyone.

Up early this morning, a good cup of hot coffee, then 46 minutes on the treadmill for a dist of 2.6 mi at an avg incline of 8 degrees and a total of 460 cals. I feel this isn't too bad for an old codger who has seen 72 winters. Correct me if I am wrong. The weigh in this morning was 165#. :)

Ok, Both Ebby and I are still doing well. She, Ren and I will have our walk in the woods after she comes in from church. This little walk does w...

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Good morning friends & neighbors :)

Saturday, October 13th 2007

Well, another week has passed and it appears that we are well into fall now here in north Georgia and that old man winter will soon be following. After the killing hot summer we had I will welcome him. Think it will be easier to just layer on more clothes than to try to keep cool. Will be more enjoyable working outdoors I know.

Not a lot to talk about this morning except to say I appreciate all of you nice friends that check in on my few blogs and leave your comments. Hopefully as the weath...

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Another nice fall day blooming here in Georgia!

Monday, October 8th 2007

Good morning to everyone. Looks as if we have another nice one on the way. To be honest, I am looking forward to a big frost soon and the coming of winter. I love every season and can hardly wait for each of them to develop. Ebby says i'm crazy as she would choose spring and fall the year round.

Yup, Ebby and I are still well and kicking although not very high or fast. Yup, the number of winters definitely has an effect on those things. But! Just to still be able to do most of the things we...

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And a greeeeat morning to Y'all

Friday, October 5th 2007

Ok, so it's been awhile since I've blogged but here I am still alive and kicking. Loving this fall weather and trying to be out in it every minute I can.

Nothing new here, Ebby and I are both doing very well for a couple of oldsters. Can tell we are both slowing a little more every year tho :(.

Will be short. Just wanted to say "hi" to the friends. Have a great day and take a look at Mr coon last night at one of my feeders. :) Jim :love:...

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