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Saturday, Oct 13 2007 - Good morning friends & neighbors :)

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Well, another week has passed and it appears that we are well into fall now here in north Georgia and that old man winter will soon be following. After the killing hot summer we had I will welcome him. Think it will be easier to just layer on more clothes than to try to keep cool. Will be more enjoyable working outdoors I know.

Not a lot to talk about this morning except to say I appreciate all of you nice friends that check in on my few blogs and leave your comments. Hopefully as the weather cools more time will be available to get on the comp.

Ebby and I are still doing ok and both are leaving scratch marks in the past as we are quickly being drawn into old, old age. Seems like only yesterday (been 53 years) that the girl and I decided to tie the old knot. Been a nice span of time. A lot of hills climbed but also a lot of smiles and happiness. :) Nuff said!

Check out the photo of the nice buck deer that came to one of our feeders last night. He is eating marshmallows!

Love ya all, Jim :kiss:

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a decade ago

You and Ebby married the year I was born. I sure hope I look as good as y'all do when I'm your age. If I last til your age. Prayin' you stay warm and toasty this winter.




a decade ago

:wave1: We finally got some much needed rain yesterday .25 of an inch.....I am so happy that the heat is behind us....53 years is something to be very very proud of..:thumbu2:..Love the picture as always...Hope you and Ebby have a wonderful weekend....:)