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Friday, Nov 16 2007 - The nice cold mornings tell me that winter is upon us

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Not getting out too much lately. Even missing shooting the beautiful fall colors, but perhaps there will be next year.

Had the sinus surgery Tuesday a week ago in hopes of clearing up the double vision, I can see improvement but really afraid to get too excited at this time.

During surgery, culchers were taken and bad news cropped up. It seems the infection that I had been fighting so long (6 months) turned out to br staph. Not good. :( They have been treating me with the wrong antis. Have changed antis now and am looking forward to some improvement soon, I hope.

Hope to be able to get out some next week and walk among the fall colors. This little episode has really knocked the socks off me. So strange how quickly we can go from robust to bust :(

OK, just these few lines to let you know I am still here and holding on as best one can under the circumstances. Ebby and Ren taking care of feeding our wild friends now and gathering the nightly photos. Appears we have been overrun with wild turkeys right now.

Someday more photos, I hope. Take care all. :love:


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a decade ago

I hope all is well with you and Ebby! Take care. Love you Jim! :love::kiss::love:

by MA


a decade ago

Oh dear Jim :o! Sorry for how late I am on this one! I have decided to come back to CK, and it just wouldn't be the same without your blogs :kiss:! YOU take care, too, and be back soon for us all to love you :love:. I'll reply to your email, soon. I love you, dear man :kiss:! :heart2: Kristen :heart2:



a decade ago

I hope you are doing better, Jim!




a decade ago

:wave1: I hope you and yours have a very BLESSED THANKSGIVING...hope you are feeling better...You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers....:)




a decade ago

I hope that yu feel better and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :love::kiss:

by MA


a decade ago

Jim...I'm so relieved to hear/read from you. Golly, a staph infection is a scary thing. I *do* hope and pray that they settled on the right antibiotic this time and that you'll catch the tail-end of the season...or those turkeys! :kiss:




a decade ago

I pray you are feeling on top of the world soon. I am looking forward to another dance with you;)
I pray you and Ebby have a wonderful Thanksgiving:kiss:




a decade ago

Turkeys! Just in time for Thanksgiving! :) I'm very glad they did the cultures and found the right antibiotic. Staph is a pretty vigorous bacteria especially with probably no other bacteria around to keep it in check (giving you the wrong one--killing off all the rest). When we had patients with eye infections, it was usually Staph. They did surgery to just get the cultures so the could treat it with the right thing. You should be better in no time at all, my friend. Just rest and get well quickly. :love: More photos when you're feeling better, please! :love: And get Ebby a shotgun for those turkeys!!! :laugh5:

by BUN201



a decade ago

Jim, I wondered why you were not posting my morning chuckles. I hope that your surgery is an unqualified success when all is healed. I am glad that they found the problem and changed your meds. Take care of yourself. I will be thinking of you. Evie :heart2:




a decade ago

:wave1: Jim I am so sorry that they were giving you the wrong medications...I am so surprised that they did not do cultures from the very beginning since you were not getting better...I hope you are now on the road to a full recovery and that you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving....Prayers going up for you and Ebby....:)