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Thursday, Feb 7 2008 - Obtained a "clean" culture!!

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Health status! OK, my good friends, I am glad to announce that I received a "clean" swap this week! No more MRSA shown with this culture. I am still on some bios and added a new one this week but just as a little booster. Looking forward to getting back to normal very soon. I want to thank all of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers. It was indeed a bad last year. We think I picked it up during surgery either in Jan or Mar. Just not sure where it came from. Ok, Later. Take care my friend.

Your old CK buddy, Jim

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a decade ago

Dear Jim, you, my dear, are never too far from my thoughts and best wishes :kiss:! I am glad that things are looking up again for you :love:, BUT this was posted a long time ago, Sooo: How are you doing with yourself and your life N-O-W :kiss:??? I still love you, kindred spirit of mine :love:! Be well. . . . :heart2:Kristen:heart2:



a decade ago

Glad to see your update. Take good care of yourself. :love: to Ebby! :kiss:




a decade ago

Glad to hear you are on the mend....MRSA is usually a hospital acquired infection, so you're right about when you got it. I'm just glad it's gone!!! and you are feeling better. That's quite a group of deer at your feeder! :) You have to check out the 2 deer I painted on my blog I've been adding to it just about every day, so you'll have to scroll down a bit! Good to "see" you again! :) :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

Good news Jim! :clap: You take care too! :heart1:

by MA


a decade ago

:wave1: I am so happy to hear this news..I have been very concerned about you...Yes sometimes prayers do get answered and apparently the ones I sent up for you did....Love all the little deers playing on your land......I know you are going to be 100% very soon...Still keeping you and Ebby in my thoughts and prayers...:)




a decade ago

:clap: YEAH!! :clap: Answered prayer 4 sure!! :clap: TBTG! :clap: