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Tuesday, Jul 20 2010 - Another beautiful, beautiful day down here in Georgia.

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Well, been another busy day for the old guy so far. Up early, showered, carried garbage to the highway and fed the chickens. They are always glad to see. They remind me of all thos folks lining up to get their welfare cards, pushing, crowding and fussing. Now don't get too riled at me. I have some friends who seem to be life time members of that line but I just think it it is much abused by a lot of folks who could be out working.

OK, now that I've probably ticked a dozen folks off at me I will continue to tell you about my beautiful day. After breakfast (when my morning chores were finished) I drove 50 miles into Chatt, Tn to visit one of my best friends (one of my doctors, Yeah!!!!) to get some script to purchase some new equipment for my C pack. Man! The things we must put up with when those "golden years" roll around and show us the errors of our younger years.

Back home now with a light lunch of cheese, crackers and four ounces of red sweet wine behind me, I've finished my daily time on the stationary bike while listening to one of my favorite old time singers, Marty Robbins, singing those beautiful songs he sang for many years. I sure do enjoy those old beautiful sentimental songs. More showing of my many winters past I guess. (frown). More exercises to follow in the evening such as a little light weight workout with dumb bells and a few crunches. Whew!!!! Getting harder ever day to be an old geezer. But! That's the only way to keep this youthful figure. Yeah! Y'all can now have your daily laugh. =D

Well, I must stop boring you folks with the drivel and get my butt in gear to head out to the polls and vote. My voting intentions? To vote everyone now in office out on the street and get in some new blood who haven't had time in the government to become 100% correct crooks. OH OH, here I go again ticking folks off again. Well, that's one of the good things about getting old. You don't worry too much about "ticked off" folks. The only other good thing I can think of about those "golden years" is that they don't last too long. :laugh5:. OK, going to get off my "soap box" now and go vote. Hey! All you folks get out there and cast that very im portant right! Old jim.

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7 years ago

Sounds like a good day to me. A shower, breakfast, a drive, some exercise (and hopefully another shower - lol). Sure sounds nicer than having to go to work, and having little energy left for anything else at the end of the day.

P.S. - sure wish DH would USE his C-pap machine; the snoring drives me crazy!!! :cross2: