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Tuesday, Jan 31 2012 - Maintaining through Calorie King.

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Perhaps this could be called a success story but I will just make it a blog.

I have been using Calorie King for the last seven years to more or less "MAINTAIN".

When I joined in Dec of 2004, I weighed in at 181 pounds standing six feet tall. Not terribly over weight by any one's standards but somewhat unconnfortable in my size 38 pants.

Now, some seven years later I weigh in at 179 pounds down from a high of 184 at one point during that time. I am aiming for 175 pounds and only have four more to go.

I could have never maintained as well as I did without this program. But! It didn't keep me from getting any older. Last Nov, crossed the 76 year old mark with the associated aches and pains. Darn Mother Nather all to H--- and back! :cry3:

Looks like few of my old buddies from that time are still around. :cry2:

It can be done folks so don't give up. Jim

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6 years ago

Well the option to getting older is not much fun for those we may leave behind. Maintaining weight is very much a long term goal, when I get to a weight I want to maintain. I am in a 12 week program as a prelude to gastric bypass surgery. I am now entering my third week and attend required classes every Wednesday. I will need a good support system not only for now but the future as surgery is only a tool not a solution. So when I read your blog as saw you have been here for some time I was pleased. It will be a long haul for me and I will and have faced some challenges. Nice to meet you and am hopeful for my success, as you have had weight control success.




6 years ago

Thanks Jim!
Very helpful. The maintaining was where my program fell apart. I'll do better next time. Inspired by your success.




6 years ago

Haven't seen you here for a long time--keep up the good work :)