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Sunday, Aug 23 2009 - I feel icky

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I feel like quitting. I dont know why I joined this stupid thing anyways I can never meet my calorie goal. I simply need more calories. I have been exshausted all week from painting the house and have failed to meet all of my goals this week. I am just going to quit or atleast I feel like quitting. My belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I feel hungry but I dont want to eat because I already have eatten sooooo many calories today. I dont know what to do. I have erased all of my goals and I think Ill just work on the calorie part this week. I dont know I just feel so helplesss.

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8 years ago

I had the same problem and starting adding nut in the morning.




8 years ago

I would recommend taking a deep breath and remember that today is one day among SO MANY that you have... hopefully the rest of your life. Take it one day, one bite at a time.

Sending you warm wishes.... :kiss: