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Thursday, Apr 17 2008 - This is my first blog entry ever!

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I joined CK in March and am finally making the commitment to use all the tools. I feel very comfortable using the food tracker. This week I have started reading and posting on the forums. Now I am going through the CK University and this is the task I am supposed to complete today.

I am not a big writer but I thought it would be important to do something that is not in my comfort zone.

I lost 98 pounds from 2006-summer of 2007.....I then hit a plateu. I am sure the plateu started out as my body was just going to stay put for a while but then I was looking to take a break. I did not want to gain wait....I was waiting for someone to give me permission to take a break from losing weight. I realize today that I could have given myself that permission BUT I did not. Luckily I am still maintaining a 90 pound average weight loss!!!

I am now ready to lose the last 40-50 pounds. I lost the 98 pounds doing WW. I like WW but I think I need something different. I am very excited about CK and it seems like the right place for me to be.

I did it. I did my first blog!!!

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a decade ago

You're among friends here. This community is comprised of people who will help you in whatever way possible. Don't be a stranger. Let us know when things are going well and also when they're not going so well. We can help.

by JBK101



a decade ago

Welcome! You have been doing terrific. I got a lot out of doing the CK University. Congrats on your first blog!!:D




a decade ago

Welcome! 98 lbs. is an amazing achievement. You obviously have what it takes to go the distance. The blogs and forums are a great motivator.