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Thursday, Jan 27 2011

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Yesterday was OK. I did great all day. Yesterday was out grandmother's 97 is my husband's grandmother and she lives with us. She is very independent for 97.....well...the chocolate cake got was so good I had 2 pieces.....I am OK with tasted great and I enjoyed every morsel. Now to move on. The scale was not as nice to me this morning....back up to 223.....I did not drink as much water yesterday....was very busy at work and I am sure the sugar did not help.

Today will be better, I hope....I am just kind of grumpy right now. I am stressed about finances. I have to finalize out budget for February....that will make me feel better. A financial budget is just the same as logging calories. I am always happier when I know where my money is going. My husband and I did a great job creating and staying on a budget....but last year we just got sloppy and did not plan how we would spend our money and right now the bills are ruling our life and I need to change that. I need to tell my money where it is going to go....

We have tons of medical bills right now and it is a little overwhelming BUT hopefully this year we will get it all paid off. If I have my budget in place and stick to it then when I get a bonus I can do fun stuff and pay things off! I am just rambling today.......Well I got to get to work.....after I check out the forums:)

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