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Friday, Jan 28 2011

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Most of yesterday was a blech day for me. Just overall life stress that I can usually handle without too much difficulty just really got me. I had a personal training appointment and really did not want to go. I went 30 minutes early and jogging on the treadmill for 25 minutes and I felt sooo much better. Then went onto my training appointment and after the I felt great......exercise really helped get rid of all the stress I was feeling in my body. I have to remember that the next time I am stressed and reach sweets!

The scale was much nicer to me this morning back down to 221.25! Again, I drank more water yesterday then I did the day before. I am seeing a trend here.......

Here is to another good day. Logging my food and making a is stressful but it is better that I am in control of things.

My husband and I are going to put together a healthy but inexpensive menu!

I am in control of this! Right? Yes I am..

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7 years ago

I definitely agree with the water thing! You ARE in control. Check you out... Not wanting to work out, but still going to the gym half an hour early to do more exercise?! That's awesome. Keep up the great work.




7 years ago

glad to hear that you are finding a slowing in your routine as well. it makes the process not go as fast, but like you said, the weight is guaranteed to stay off more this way. a new mentality for a new you!




7 years ago

Good for you for getting to the exercise when you weren't all that pumped for it! I find that I feel better after I exercise, too -- but I'm terrible at sticking to an exercise plan. And YES -- you are in control. That's one thing that we can absolutely do is control what we put in our mouths! :teeth1: