SAXONHARP's Jan 2011 CalorieKing Blog

Friday, January 28th 2011

Most of yesterday was a blech day for me. Just overall life stress that I can usually handle without too much difficulty just really got me. I had a personal training appointment and really did not want to go. I went 30 minutes early and jogging on the treadmill for 25 minutes and I felt sooo much better. Then went onto my training appointment and after the I felt great......exercise really helped get rid of all the stress I was feeling in my body. I have to remember that the next time I am...

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Thursday, January 27th 2011

Yesterday was OK. I did great all day. Yesterday was out grandmother's 97 is my husband's grandmother and she lives with us. She is very independent for 97.....well...the chocolate cake got was so good I had 2 pieces.....I am OK with tasted great and I enjoyed every morsel. Now to move on. The scale was not as nice to me this morning....back up to 223.....I did not drink as much water yesterday....was very busy at work and I am sure the sugar did not help. ...

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Wednesday, January 26th 2011

Yesterday was a good day! Another green check day. Was proud of myself because we got some Sonic burgers (Tuesdays there is a sale on them). I cut the burger in half and did not thinkg the taste was worth 560ish calories. I only ate half the burger and I was totally OK with that. I had enough calories to have a few other things! I loved feeling that control.

This morning I was down over a pound...that was nice to see 221.25! Hopefully there will be good new again tomorrow. yesterd...

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Tuesday, January 25th 2011

Yesterday was much better! A green check day. I did a new work out class last night. It was 1 hour class using the exercise was a good one.....HRM said I burned 300 calories! i will take it.

Got the courage to weigh in this morning after my 3 days of not logging and giving into chocolate. was only up .5 pounds! Whew....I will take that. I have an offical weight in with my Personal Trainer on Thursday so maybe I will have a totall loss of a pound this week...that would be ...

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Sunday, January 23rd 2011

The past few days were very busy. It started with Thursday when the kids had a snow day and I stayed home and worked from home. I had a hard workout in the morning and I was hungry all day. I had a hard time staying away from the frig but I was documenting every bite until....I left my body for a moment and had a huge chocolate binge.....had not had a binge like that for a while. Yes I was PMSing BAD ( I finally started a couple days later. I didn't even want to know how much chocolate I at...

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