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Tuesday, January 11th 2011

I had a great week overall! Lost 4 pounds. I am very happy with that. I don't like to re lose weight that I already lost BUT....what choice did I have.

My motivation is still very high. I documented everything I ate. I had 3 days in the only 40 calories, 1 day over 1,000 calories and one day about over 300......

Documenting everything I ate again gave me great perspective again.....and probably explains why I was losing and gaining the same 6-8 pounds the past 4 months...

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Monday, January 10th 2011

Yesterdy was a pretty good day. Only mistake was while I was out to dinner with my friends I ordered a small dessert from Applebee's it was one of those shooters.....OMG 450 calories for one of those tiny things. Luckly I was getting full and I did not end up eating the entire thing. I was so glad I did not. I was over my calories for the day yesterday but i am OK with that BECAUSE I stopped eating when I was full and I was satified with leaving the dessert. This is a new thing for me.

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Sunday, January 9th 2011

I did much better yesterday! I documented what I ate throughout the day. I had to estimate my exercise calories for swimming and forgot my heart rate monitor for the body circuit class. I estimated my calories for swimming and I usually underestimate. At the end of the day....I was truly still hungry and needed something that would stick. So officially or unofficially I went over my estimated calorie target but I am totally OK with that since I knew I was truly hungry BUT did not over eat. ...

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Saturday, January 8th 2011

Yesterday was a great day until I got home. I cannot quite figure out why I lost control of my eating after I got home. I am a little stressed about money but luckily I got a bonus check at work that will help all is good now.

I got home an had a pumplin muffie from Panera Bread that my husband bought for me the other night and then I had some chocolate that we had around for a long time that was not tempting me....for weeks. Then we went to Panera for dinner and I had 1.5 mo...

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2 hershey hugs cost me a green check and had the feeling of not being hungry

Friday, January 7th 2011

Yesterday was pretty good. Not a green check.....2 hershey hugs cost me a green check.

The good thing is that I am documenting every morsel that goes in my mouth. The past 4 months I was losing and gaining the same 6 pounds. I was not documenting all my makes such a big difference. Those calories add up. 2 tiny kisses are like 40 calories. It will definately make me think next time I just mindless pop something in my mouth. I am not sure 2 kisses are worth 40 calories....

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