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Sunday, Feb 6 2011

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No green check yesterday........had a 2 hours workout yesterday....lots of variety felt great but I was sooo hungry. I had a bowl of apple Cinnamon cheerios and the cold milk and the crunch of the cereal hit the spot. the only problem is that I had about 4 servings of the cereal. My mistake AGAIN that I thought about the day is I did not hydrate enough afterwards. I was almost 300 calories over my target but I usually only count half of my exercise calories anyway so I will be fine. I just wish I would have been more controlled.....

I had a nice 4 mile jog this morning and I making sure that I am drinking enought water today. I can tell already that I am not as hungry.

I am happy that I documented everything and able to see where I can improve. All this will help me be success in reach my goal.

We don't have big plans for the superbowel. We are making some healthy chili and that is about it.....

Oh and some homemade guacamole....

Here is to another "present" day to logging my food!

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7 years ago

Lisa you sound like you are doing well. I have those slip ups with cereal as well.;)

Today is a new day and new beginning. Keep up the hard work. I found being accountable and writing everything down helps me too.:wink3: