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Thursday, Feb 24 2011

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Busy, stressed and feeling overall just Blech. Work has been crazy busy and I don't have any time to do any personal stuff....only very little. Homelife is normal busy with 2 kids, 3 dogs and a 97 year old I have not had time or have made the time for myslef to blog and faithfully log my food.

I am in a space right now where I just feel Blue and cannot snap out of it. After my husband got suspended from work......I cannot shake being worried what might happen. Even though he had that talk with his boss...they are not the nicest people and you just never know what they are thinking. He is also stressed and worried. He is looking but in the HR industry it does take some time to find anther job. These are things that are totally out of my control and I have to figure out how to deal with it.....I haven't gotten there yet.

Right now I cannot focus on losing weight....I just need to focus on maintaining and that is going to be my goal until I can muster up energy to do something else. My goal is also to make the time to blog and log my food. Luckily I love to exercise so I don't have to make a goal to do this. I ran 7.7 miles on Sunday and it felt great. I am going to a class tonight and hopefully this will help my mood.

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