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Sunday, Feb 27 2011

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OK. Was not great on Saturday....did not log a thing. I had to go into work on Saturday to help get things caught up. I was doing manual labor so was not infront of the computer and then came home to sort the girl scout cookies for the troop and yes....I had 5 cookies.

so let's restart today. So far so good. All food is documented so far and I ran my fastest 5 miles ever! I averaged 10:46 minute miles.....I am a slow runner so I was thrilled with this. At least my exercise is going good.

I will try agian to log everything I eat today and hopefully get a green check.

I am trying not to get into the mindset of....let's wait until Monday.

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7 years ago

Sounds like you did great to me!!! Only 5 cookies is good! And then you exercised! Here's to a loss this week!