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Sunday, Mar 20 2011

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things I did well this weekend:

Logged all food - very proud of this because usually on the weekends I do not
great exercise - Saturday ran 7 miles with a friend. It was a super easy run for me, felt effortless (the new shoes helped! :) ) It was a 10:54 pace. I probably could have gone a 10:45 pace but I had to slow down for my friend. Imagine that! Cannot believe i would ever have to slow down for someone. Sunday I jogged toThe gym 1.9 miles, did a 50 minute spin class and then ran back home 2.5 miles. the jog on the way home was great. I kept a 10:45 pace!

Things I need to import on:

Better food choices - too much sodium. Too much sugar.

Not perfect but I am trying to get my head back in the game. I am going to continue to log my food....that is really helping me keep focus.

this next weel will be a little challenging since I will be taking off 3 days for my daughters spring break. I just want to stay in calorie range during those 3 days since we will be out and about all day. I will try to focus on quality foods the other days.

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7 years ago

Good job on logging all of your food. Oh and I'm insanely jealous of your ability to run!!! If I didn't worry so much about my knees, I'd put it on my list of things to do!




7 years ago

Thanks for the blog comment - I have definitely been bored with "dieting" in the past. I am sure I have some blog about it. When I get like that I don't really eat wrong but I don't eat on plan either. I am get tired of the discussion, don't want to blog, don't want to comment in the forums that is when I try to focus my efforts on exercise goals. Your running pace is great - I used run just over an 11 minute pace but have slowed big time over the last year which I want to reverse. Best of luck on your spring break - 3 days you'll be fine.