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Tuesday, Mar 22 2011

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Yesterday was a good day. Not a green check. I did have a cookie that put me over but I am OK with it. I had a great workout yesterday. Did interval training on the treadmill and was able to go faster than I ever have on the hill intervals. It felt great. Then durning my workout with Scott (personal trainer) I was strong the entire time, I just felt great. Well that feeling continued today. The scale was very nice 222.75! Wow, last week it was 229!

I know this is a combination of my work outs, documenting my food and when I weighed last week I must have been very bloated. Right now I feel great....not because of the scale but I just feel strong physically right now. Emotionally I am doing OK. I really want to maintain this weight this week. I think that will be my goal. Hopefully this will prevent myself from feeling too overwhelmed and then end up gaining the weight.

Someone posted yesterday that they were getting bored with losing weight. This was very thought provoking for me. I have been trying to lose weight since I was 5 years old. I cannot look at myself as a failure because I have been stuggling right now. I might just be bored? maybe? Again the exercise is great, I love it and I am always challanging myself and I am NOT bored. BUT with eating......I need to think of something to make me interested eating the way I should. I am not sure how to shake things up......hmmmmm

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

Congratulations on getting back on track, Lisa! I'm not sure I necessarily get "bored" with dieting as much as I feel "resentful" that I have to focus on it as much as I do. I do admit... I'd love to be done with the "diet" phase... I'm not one who says that the best part of the all of this is going through the work of it. Bah humbug! :frog: