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Wednesday, Mar 30 2011

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I am finally feeling a little better. I think I am going to jog for the first time tomorrow morning. I have not exercised since last Thursday, since I got this aweful cold. My body was just not up to it and I listened to it!

This week, since I have not been able to exercise (and I miss those extra exercise calories!), I have been focusing on my eating. I am documenting everything and I have been staying in the 1,800 calorie range....I should be in the 1,600 calorie range but I am hungry so I am OK with going over a little. I have been letting myself be hungry too and help myself feel OK with that feeling. So hopefully when I get back to exercising everything will come together for me and I can start losing weight again.

I have a 10k race this weekend. Not sure how I will do but I will just have fun:)

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7 years ago

Glad you are feeling better, sometimes you just need those extra calories :look:

Good luck on the 5K!!