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Thursday, March 17th 2011

227 this morning...was happy with the maintain from yesterday. Yesterday I was very tired and felt like munching all night. I restrained a lot but did not get a green check because of 15 pringles. At least I counted them out:) I feel a lot better today so I am aiming for that green check.

Wednesday, March 16th 2011

Back to normal routine. Hit the scale first thing. 227 down from 229 yesterday. I will take it.

Not a green check but I stayed within 1,800 calories. I was hungry last night so I had some of the smart pop popcorn. I feel good about yesterday and am off to a good start for today. Great 4 mile run with my neighbor....all food has been logged except for dinner....not sure what I am having yet.

Feels good to be back in a routine!

Tuesday, March 15th 2011

Finally stepped on the scale. back to 229 pounds. the 8 pounds I lost after the holidays are back. The past 4 weeks have been so very stressful for me at work and home. Things seem to be getting a little less crazy for me. So hear I go again to get these 8 pounds off again.

It does stink BUT I am not mad at myself. This stuff happens. I needed a break from weighing in on a daily basis but I do not want to let this get out of control anymore.

I am making a committment to weigt i...

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Friday, March 11th 2011

Green check yesterday! Had a great workout last night - speed work and then a circuit training class. This morning had a great jog with my neighbor - 4 miles and I am getting my pace back.

It has been a very busy week at work and home but I have made the time to log everything this far:) One day I did not get a green check but I am OK with it. My goal was to make time to log everything and I have! This has helped me to control what I put in my mouth. when you are not loggin...

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Thursday, March 10th 2011

Tuesday was crazy busy but was a great day. Great run in the morning and a green check:)

Yesterday was very busy and was good until I got home. All day I wanted something sweet and when I got home I was going to have 2 girls souct cookies, then ate 3 fun size milky ways....there was something else BUT it ended up being my dinner.

I did go over my calories BUT I documented everything which made me stop eating and just drink water. I have to say that I was satisfied after I ate it. ...

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