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Tuesday, Apr 19 2011

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I stepped on the scale 224...Whew. I was just thinking please be just under 225.....yeah. I am just 3 pounds off from about a month or so ago....cannot remember.

I have to remember why I want to continue this weight loss.

1. I am going to do this marathon in November and I will do better if I lose some weight.
2. for training I will be also running 4 other races for my training plan (2 halfs. 10k and a 5k)....if I drop some more weight it will be much easier on my body to train.
3. I like how I look and feel when I eat healthy and am at a lower weight. I actually enjoy buying new clothes when I am under 220 pounds. I can shop in regular stores....have many more options. If I am over 220 pounds I am 1 step away from plus size stores only.
4. OK. I might need some more ideas to keep me motivated to loss and not just settle for maintaining.

Got a green check yesterday! here is to 2 days in a row for green checks. Had a great workout yesterday and a good 4 mile run this morning. I think I can finally say that this cold is gone! I can put the intensity back into those work outs.

Also, the pre prep work I did for lunches and dinner was great. Yesterday I made Turkey buffalo burgers. I made the patties on Sunday evening. All we had to do was grill them and done! great healthy gourmet burgers on a week night! Everyone loved them!

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7 years ago

Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting such a supportive comment! It looks like you are doing great. Remembering why it is important to lose the weight definitely helps to keep us motivated! Let's hear it for those green check marks!!! Hip Hip Hooray!




7 years ago

Besides what I wrote in your forum post, because we'd miss having you here to help motivate us. :)