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Wednesday, Apr 20 2011

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Had a pretty good day yesterday. I went over my calories...about 250. A couple of things I need to think about. There were 2 times that I ate when I really was not hungry. I had a snack and ate it because it was there. Also, my daughter wanted to eat at subway for dinner. I really wasn't in the mood for subway but had it anyway. It really did not taste that good to me. I should have just let her eat subway and then got something different later.

Good thing though....later in the evening I was hungry but I knew I was over my calories so I drank water for a couple of hours and realized was really was hungry so I had a small snack.

Good day in learning how to listen to my body! I am happy all in all and my weight was still at 224 this morning. Always nice to see that is was not a fluke. It is nice to be motivated and feel positive!

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6 years ago

Listening to your body is key if you ask me - so great job! :clap:




6 years ago

Congrats on listening to your body. That is a challenge at times, especially when your head is so darn defiant.

Thank you for the comment you left me! Don't be worried about weights. You will do great and I bet you will love it.
I was lucky enough to have a small gym put in at one of my old jobs. They showed you how to use the equipment, then I met my hubby and he has been in to lifting etc.. since he has been about 15. So he taught me how to do the moves the right way. If he didn't god only knows what the heck I would have done to myself. :tongue10:




6 years ago

Can you spare some of that positive energy? The bloat monster and his evil side-kick, lethargy man have come to call on me! :)