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Thursday, May 12 2011

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Yesterday was a good day. A green check day. I was planning to do a class at the gym last night. Usually when I got to the gym my daughters will go with me. Elizanbeth (9 year old) will bring a friend because her sister Clara who is 13.....well lets just say the hormones are really active right now and she is not the nicest to her little sister. Elizabeth was bummed her friend could not go and I will be leaving town this weekend for work. So I skipped the exercise class and just played in the pool with Elizabeth. She was so happpy and we had a great time. Typically I would stress because I did not exercise.....but it was more important for me to play with my daughter.

And the scale was nice to me again. 224. Since I am traveling I would like to maintain this and then next week I can work on losing again. I am almost back to 221.....this is where I was a couple of months ago before I got totally stress about my husbands work situation. So since January 1st. I have lost this same weight twice!!!! It is least i did not gain everything back like I would have in the past....

Then my next mini goal will be getting back to 214-216....this is my lowest weight ever. I was there last fall for a couple of weeks before I got injured.

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7 years ago

I think you made the right choice... last time I did this, I put my exercise ahead of what may have been right for my family OODLES of times... and I ended up feeling very angry with myself at times and began to resent the time I gave to exercise making it feel REALLY good when I stopped exercising. Not a good thing!!! I refuse to do that this time around... I'm intent on finding balance so that I'm happy all the way around!




7 years ago

Just playing in the pool I am sure you still burned a good amount of calories...