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Tuesday, May 17 2011

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Had a very busy and exhausting work weekend. I had to travel for work Fri, Sat and Sunday and had super long work days. Not the best eating these 3 days. I really did not have time to plan or take to much time to find healthy places to eat. I am totally fine with that, as I was not about to add more stress. I did want to jog but just did not have the energy. Usually when I travel for work I love to jog in new places. Yesterday I was exhausted! BUT I documented everything and got a green check. Yesterday evening I did my 7 mile jog and it actually gave me more energy. I felt great!

I had the best evening yesterday. I think I had mentioned in the past I am worried about my husband and my 13 year old daughter. My husband is about 325 pounds and is 5'9' and my daughter is only 15 pounds less than she is very tall already almost 5'9'...yes almost as tall as her dad. I am worried about their health but know that I cannot nag them. Yesterday was a beautiful evening in Missouri so I suggested we go to the park and practice softball and just be outside. My husband agreed to go with us. Jason and Clara worked on softball drills, Elizabeth and her frient played on the playground. I played with everyone. Everyone was moving, sweating AND having a great time. Jason said he really enjoyed the I hope we can do this a few times a week in the evening.

It was the perfect family evening!

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6 years ago

Sorry you had a long work weekend. But sounds like you made up for it last night. Lots of fun with the family!