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Wednesday, May 25 2011

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Boy yesterday got away from me. Worked ended up VERY busy.

yesterday was good. Speed work training last night. I am really enjoying this. We will see if it helps as I am running my 10k on memorial day.

The scale is bumming me out some. I have been great with logging and am getting more greeen checks than ever....BUT....why would the scale show a gain each day the past 3 days. Grrrr. trying not to let it get me down too much. I am doing most of the right things. Soon the scale will follow how I feel on the inside. I am feeling strong and FAST:)

I have noticed that my legs are hopefully it is just bloating and will go down.

I am staying positive!

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6 years ago

Woohoo 10K!!! YOU GO WOMAN!!! I retain water after my longer training runs, so ignore the scale until 2 days after your race, and be sure to STAY HYDRATED!




6 years ago

You will do great in your 10k - if I can do it, you definitely can! Also as you ramp up training and do hard workouts sometimes your body holds onto water which might be why the scale is being annoying. Keep downing the fluids and it will adjust.

PS. Don't weigh after race day because that will cause you to retain too - at least I always do and it always shows up on the scale. Hang in there!