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Tuesday, May 31 2011

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Darn. Did not PR yesterdays 10k. It was VERY hot (race started off at 78 degrees) and hilly.... 1:07:45 (according to my Garmin....offiical results not posted yet). My last 10K was 1:04:58 (hilly route but chilly weather). Looks like summer weather is here so I will get used to running in the hot weather for the July 4th 10K!

I felt pretty good the first 4 miles and then I just pooped out. The race started at 8am....usually they start at 7am. You could just feel the temp climb between 7am and 8am....

Yesterday I gave myself the day off of logging and counting calories and just enjoyed our BBQ. I did not go crazy but it was nice to take the day off.

Last week was a good week eating and exercise wise. The weight is good too......222! Now it is back to logging everything again and I am glad to do it.

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6 years ago

Woo hoo! Who cares what the time is. You did it and you are doing it... You are doing a fantastic job! Keep it up!




6 years ago

The heat just zaps me!! I have been walking a lot the hotter it gets.

But still, you did a great job!!