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Thursday, June 30th 2011

No green check yesterday. I was 280 calories over. I honestly did a little stress eating last night but I stopped it. 280 calories of stress eating is not bad for me. I am tired it has been a long emotional week and I have been training for this 10k coming up on the 4th. AND last night my dog got out of the front door and charged a poor dog that was on a leash......luckily everyone is OK . I am ready for summer to be over. During the summer I have to pay for daycare that I don't have to p...

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Wednesday, June 29th 2011

Thank you everyone for your supportive comments yesterday. It truly helped me!!! It is amazing how much support you can get from people that you have never met in person.

I know things will be OK in the long run. We always come together in the end. Jason did clean the kitchen last night! Good sign. It usually lasts for a couple of weeks and then things go back to our "normal". I will just have continue to voice my feelings in a respectful way.

I know this might be t...

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Tuesday, June 28th 2011

Green check yesterday! Overall a good day for me. Only downer is that hubby and started a discusssion...sigh. Same fight every 3 months. I just need him to help around the house more. I ask that he help clean the kitchen. I am not asking him to change religions, rob a bank, change his personality. I just want him to clean his gignatic mess after he cooks.

Sunday he read for about 5 hours (must be nice to have that kind of time). I feel like I am fighting time wiht the TV or the boo...

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Monday, June 27th 2011

Weekend was good overall.

Goal Accomplished! Did a 5k this morning for my marathon training plan. My goal was 32:00 to 32:30. My time was 31:52!!!. Tuesday night speed work sessions seem to be paying off!

I was so happy, got choked up at the end. July 4th I have a 10K.

Just think what I could do if I could get these last 40 pounds off. My goal is to log everything for 6 days this week. Right now I am very motivated. I hope this feeling lasts!!!

Also did my 10 mile long ...

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Thursday, June 23rd 2011

Yesterday was a green check day. I was happy because my tummy got a little grumbly and I did not run to the kitchen to grab something to eat. Instead I enjoyed the feeling of being hungry.

For dinner we made hamburgers with lean ground beef. We made tator tots. Typically I would eat the hamburger with the bun and not have fries or anything. But last night I wanted the tater tots. So had the hamburger pattie and a few tater tots and I was satisfied.

My left hammy is doing a li...

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