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Wednesday, Jun 22 2011

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Yesterday was a pretty good day.

My morning walk/jog with my neighbor worried me some because my righ hammy was really bothering me.

I did my prescribed exercises throughout the day and it seemed to losen up. Went to speed work last night and my hammy was a little tight but I was able to do speed work without hurting my form...yeah.

I got back to the chiro tonight. Things looks like the are healing nice and quick so far....crossing my fingers and toes.

Green check for yesterday too. I am excited. I have been doing a lot of running this weeken and I have noticed my hunder is more tame than usual! Hope this is a good sign.

This weekend I have a 5k for my marathon training plan. I am not sure what my goal is. I have only done 3 5ks in my life time and I could only find one race result 35:10.

Right now I am thinking 31 minutes. I have emailed my running coad to see what he thinks.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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