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Tuesday, Jun 28 2011

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Green check yesterday! Overall a good day for me. Only downer is that hubby and started a discusssion...sigh. Same fight every 3 months. I just need him to help around the house more. I ask that he help clean the kitchen. I am not asking him to change religions, rob a bank, change his personality. I just want him to clean his gignatic mess after he cooks.

Sunday he read for about 5 hours (must be nice to have that kind of time). I feel like I am fighting time wiht the TV or the book.

His job stinks and I undstand that. I know that he needs to esape and I understand that but there needs to be some kind of balance. He tucks himself away in the bed room reading and I end up doing everything for our daughters and grandma (who is 97 and lives with us).

After his hackles went down he did admit he is depressed, the job thing is getting him down.

I love him I really do but it is so hard to be encouraging sometimes. I just want to say get off your A**. He is probably pushing 340 pounds and he is only 5'9". He barely moves when he gets home and his breathe is heavy. I encourage walks and stuff but I know how hard it is but sometimes you just have to stop making excuses and make life better for yourself. WE live in Missouri and it is humid now. If he goes outside just for 10 minutes he has to sit under a fan for 10 minutes to cool off.

He finally got his blood work done. He does not think it is that bad. His Triglycerides are in the 600's. I just worry about his health.

Sorry....I guess I just needed to talk about it. I just hope he can find some motivation. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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6 years ago

Oh Lisa, tough times for sure!! The husband who cleans up after him self is rare I'm afraid.

Hopefully you can cook healthy food to help both of you lose some weight. I don't know what a 600 triglyceride count means but it doesn't sound good.

Sounds like your husband needs someone to talk to. And some honesty with his doctor.




6 years ago

Lisa, Hope it helped talking about it. Sounds like you are in a bad spot. I think most men withdraw when they are upset. They can't share feelings. Your'e right that you need to take care of yourself. Set a good example and maybe he'll come around.




6 years ago

It's so hard to be the one watching and knowing what needs to change and then realizing you can't make him do it. Doug and I went through something similar when we were living apart for work. It's so hard in the moment and it's not until you get out of the rotten situation (in our case living apart) that you are able to focus on the health stuff. In the meantime hang in there, I know it's tough. :kiss:




6 years ago

Depression needs to be treated. Usually with medication. Maybe a trip to the doctor is in order.





6 years ago

Lisa, I am so sorry! Granted most of us fight with our hubby's to clean up their crap... So don't think it's just you :)

The hard part is that when they are depressed there isn't much we can do about it. When my husband when through his funk as I like to call it. It was hard, I tried to fix him and the problem. The more supportive I was the harder it hit him. Well, after I talked with someone I realized I can only fix me and I can't fix him.
So I started to focus on me and just reminded him that I loved him and if I needed something asked him to do it and that was it. It was hard not to push for the help I needed too...
Do you think he would be up to talk to someone? I am sure he doesn't realize how it's affecting you too...
Hugs to you!!!!
But keep up the great job you are doing with your workouts etc...