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Wednesday, Jun 29 2011

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Thank you everyone for your supportive comments yesterday. It truly helped me!!! It is amazing how much support you can get from people that you have never met in person.

I know things will be OK in the long run. We always come together in the end. Jason did clean the kitchen last night! Good sign. It usually lasts for a couple of weeks and then things go back to our "normal". I will just have continue to voice my feelings in a respectful way.

I know this might be too personal but the one thing that Jason said he needs from me is to initiate more in the bedroom. This seems to be his only issue with me. For me when I am so busy around the house, with the kids, helping is the last thing on my mind. I tell him all the time if I felt like I had more help around the house I would probably be more interested. I also tell him that it is not very attractive to me when is not helpful around the house. Looks are not very important to me. Personality and actions are important.

I know guys and girls are different about this. I guess I need to know that I am not a freak.

With all this stress. Green check yesterday. Had a hard speed work session last night but I met my time goals......yeah.

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6 years ago

Congrats on the green checkmark!
I agree with Kat, pop in a DVD, Im a early morning person in regards to sex, that seemed to help in my favor for the rest of the day.




6 years ago

I learned in my over 40 years of marriage that when men have sex they are easier to live with. I personally could have done without, but for the sake of peace.....




6 years ago

If I wait until bedtime, I'm ready to go to sleep. So I will try to get something going before bed. Last night, it was as soon as I got home from work...I hadn't even changed my clothes.

I know it's hard with children, but send them outside to play. You only need about 15 mintues!

Have fun!




6 years ago

You are right on the mark! If I have to be everthing to everybody everywhere else...and then come home and be the maid...I'm sure NOT thinking about anything else. You are smart to keep talking about it!

by NMA5632



6 years ago

Oh you are so not a Freak! I am glad he helped out!

Yeah on meeting your time! That's awesome!!!! You are inspiring me with all of this running you are doing!! Keep it up!