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Tuesday, Jul 26 2011

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Yesterday was a mixed bag of emotions for me. All day I was scared of that Marathon training plan. I went home and ate 2 bowls of honey nut cheerios. I was fighting the urge to skip my weight training class. I finally just put on my workout clothes and went. I was so glad I did.

As soon as I walked into the gym this gentleman said to me "I have been watching you the past 6 months and you are looking very good" That was nice to hear! Then the class helped make my nervous energy go away. When I got home I know I used up all my calories on cereal.....I just has some almond butter and drank a lot of water.

Today I feel much better. I am going to just do the workouts like I always do and look at the workouts a week at a time. Had a nice easy jog with my neighbor this morning and I have speed work tonight. Heat index is predicted 108..... we will see what happens.

Thanks you everyone for your support I do appreciate it so much!

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6 years ago

Good for you for pushing through your fears and just going for it. You have a lot of courage. Stay with it and you will accomplish this goal before you know it!




6 years ago

I love Honey Nut Cheerios! Sure... they're not the GREATEST food... but you definitely needed the simple carbs to fuel that workout! Good for you... I'm truly jealous of you and your amazing focus right now!




6 years ago

I would be scared too. Just hearing "marathon training" gives me the gitters. You're so brave!




6 years ago

At least you had a good reason to have mixed bag of emotions. Mine was trying to get ready for our visit with the inlaws. I am a ball of ick... :)
Wow what a nice compliment! You are doing amazing!
Glad you are in a better place today.