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Wednesday, Jul 27 2011

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Overall yesterday was a good day. Got a green check! My weight is staying steady at 222! I don't want to get too crazy with my weight loss goals since I had a great loss last week. One pound would be great but I am really hoping to be 219....would love to see that new set of numbers. I am just going to do what I did last week.

Speed work was hot but good. Everything we did was super fast but I hit all my goal times but one. It was nice the person how manages our groups times was very nice and said that I was getting faster. Next week is our 5k time trial. It will be the last session, I did not miss one. I was so nervous to join speedwork. I knew I would be one of the slowest people. I was and I still am but that is OK. I have been meeting my goals and have improved. And every single running (even the elite runners) have been so nice and encouraging. Maybe next summer I will be in the middle of group 5 instead of the end:)

I am finally feeling good about the marathon training again. I spoke with one of the running coaches last night telling him my feelings about getting the final plan and he was very encouraging. He did say....."it is supposed to be challanging" and for some reason this comment hit me in the right way. He is right, this is a challange and I should not be scared of it.

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6 years ago

Thanks for your comment Lisa and for sharing about the rough patch you went through. I agree, it's good to have a balance of other things in life than just working at losing the weight. Good luck with your marathon training. I know it will give you a great sense of accomplishment. Getting physical is a wonderful thing isn't it? :love:




6 years ago

Your coach sounds amazing! WTG on holding steady!




6 years ago

Your running group sounds like a great bunch of people. You are really doing great with your weight loss... I know the feeling you are talking about when you break in to those next set of lower numbers on the scale... It's pretty exhilarating!