SAXONHARP's Aug 2011 CalorieKing Blog

Wednesday, August 31st 2011

My total PAWs weight loss for the month of August is 1.5. 218.5 this morning. I will take it.

I only had a couple of days where I did not eat as planned, I just allowed myself to eat what I wanted. Overall I am very happy with what I accomplished phyically and mentally.

I am sure that I can tweak my food, and I will, but I am not going to give up!

This morning I had to do a 5 mile temp run cut down. You basically start running 20-30 second slower than your goal race pace and...

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Tuesday, August 30th 2011

Yesterday was pretty good all in all. Green check! Did a TRK class and I am making good progress. There were some core exercises I could only do 3 out of the 10 reps. Now I can do all 10! the push up and and pull ups I have to move my feet out to make it more challenging.

Had a nice 4 mile jog this was nice and cool this morning.

I took a detailed look at my training program for September. Whew....I konw it will be good but I now have 5 running days. Now 2 of t...

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Monday, August 29th 2011

Thursday and Friday last week were very tough days for me. I was just so crabby and tired and my eating was not very good. Honestly on Friday, I just allowed myself to eat what I wanted without worry or regret. It is bad to say but it just felt good to eat what I wanted and the quantity I wanted.

I am sure it was a combination of PMS, stress about my knee and just general tiredness.

Good news! I ran my 16 miles and it went very well. No pain in my knee at ALL!!! Just a tiny bit ...

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Thursday, August 25th 2011

Ran 4 miles this morning and absolutly no knee pain....YEAH. It is only a little uncomfortable on the outside of my leg below the knee. but not the entire run. Whew. Hopefully tomorrows run will be good as well.

I was proud of myslef last night. My trainer had to cancel and I really want to just sit on the couch. BUT I went to the basement and did a great circuit workout.

This morning the scale was very nice.....saw 217 again...I hope it will stick around.

Busy day at wor...

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Wednesday, August 24th 2011

I am just in a blah space right now. I think it is almost the TOM......

I could not do speedwork yesterday morning because my knee was driving me crazy so I just walked. Luckily I had an appointment with the Chiro yesterday. He thinks it is totally fixable. He thinks it is my meniscus. He worked on it like crazy yesterday and I am going to test it out tomorrow morning.

My IT band is not long tight like it was so hopefully this will pass soon.

It seems to be better this m...

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