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Monday, Aug 22 2011

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This weekend and today. Mixed bag of emotions.

Saturday I attempted my 8 mile run at half marathon race pace. 2 miles in I just stopped. It was starting. I did not think to myself "I am going to stop" my body just stopped. I just felt strange during the run. I think I was just tired. I went home and chilled most of the day. The only thing I did was do the laundry and between switching it over I would nap or just relax. I went to bed and did not set the alarm. I let my body wake up when it wanted to and then try the 8 mile time trial again.

Redemption! 8 miles complete. I was supposed to do it at 11:11 average pace. First 6 miles did 11:15 avereage pace and last 2 were at 11:22 average pace. I am happy with that. IT band help up pretty good. I do really think the past few weeks of walking up really early to beat the heat and all the long runs have caught up with me. I relaxed on Sunday too. I am feeling much better.

It was nice. All weekend my daughters were asking me what healthy snacks they could have. They were working together and reading the labels to figure out the serving size. They were doing it with smiles on there faces. It seems that our little chat and discussions have been good. Clara my oldest was a lot more active this week too. Elizabeth is always active.

My husband is still hit and miss. But I do see attempts. That is nice.

Well my weight is 220 again. Mixed emotions with this. I understand that I am working out pretty hard. I have been 90% on with logging everything. I guess that 10% is the problem? I guess I need to do a little reading/research OR meet with a nutrionist to see what I can do to lose weight and train for this marathon. My personal trainer said that since recently I have increased my milies a lot my body might be protecting itself and holding on to the weight.

I know good things are happening to my body. Clothes are fitting better and I have a goal shirt for the Fall that I want to wear when it is cool. When I was 8 pounds heavier it could button but the buttons were pulling and the fabric just fell into my rolls. Now it can button nicely and it does not fall into the rolls. Physically I am stronger.....all these things are great. I just have to figure out how to get the scale to move too....

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6 years ago

You're trainer is probably on to something. When I talked to my RD she told me that losing really slows when you train for endurance events because you have to fuel for the workouts or you sacrifice performance. I would talk to a registered dietician who has experience with runners to get an assessment. It will be totally worth it.

Great job on the 8 miles by the way! :thumbu2:




6 years ago

Yeah on listening to your body! That's hard to do sometimes, I don't know why we fight it so much.
All the NSV are amazing! You keep pushing ahead and the scale will catch up with you... I Promise!




6 years ago

Good for you for listening to your body. Obviously, you needed that rest! HUGE win that you were able to get your 8 miles in!!




6 years ago

Look at all those non-scale victories! I love the kids following your good habits - I bet that is a nice little reward in itself.




6 years ago

I am happy you are seeing so many positives besides the scale. Are you sure that scale isn't broken? =)
I feel you though...I feel like the scale is being more stubborn now that I am working harder than when I wasn't doing as much.




6 years ago

That is great!! You are kicking butt. Have you foam rolled your IT band?