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Monday, Aug 29 2011

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Thursday and Friday last week were very tough days for me. I was just so crabby and tired and my eating was not very good. Honestly on Friday, I just allowed myself to eat what I wanted without worry or regret. It is bad to say but it just felt good to eat what I wanted and the quantity I wanted.

I am sure it was a combination of PMS, stress about my knee and just general tiredness.

Good news! I ran my 16 miles and it went very well. No pain in my knee at ALL!!! Just a tiny bit of discomfort in the side of my calf. I really felt pretty good the entire time.

I even improved my pace 9 seconds average pace! I have another 16 to do this coming weekend and then the following weekend is my half marathon!

After my 16 miles I got a lot of rest over the weekend and I am feeling much better now. More in control. We will see what the PAW challange brings me on Wednesday. Honestly if I maintain I will be OK. I worked very hard this month eating and exercising so I know in the end it will pay off!

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