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Monday, August 22nd 2011

This weekend and today. Mixed bag of emotions.

Saturday I attempted my 8 mile run at half marathon race pace. 2 miles in I just stopped. It was starting. I did not think to myself "I am going to stop" my body just stopped. I just felt strange during the run. I think I was just tired. I went home and chilled most of the day. The only thing I did was do the laundry and between switching it over I would nap or just relax. I went to bed and did not set the alarm. I let my bod...

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Friday, August 19th 2011

It is Friday! Yesterday was a busy work day whew. Overall had a pretty good day, nothing special.

I had a great workout with my PT. It was the strongest workout I have done. Scott was very impressed. Push ups on the toes....he calls them "big girl push ups" are getting stronger and deeper. They are hard and make my heart rate soar. I got over 300 calorie burn from a 60 minute workout....just lifting weights.

My IT band is really bothering me....ugg. It was very u...

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Wednesday, August 17th 2011

Good morning! Yesterday was a good day. Girls had a good first day of school, I got all the school paper work done and had some time to relax before going to bed.

Oh, the nice thing was my husband and older daughter went for a walk together and this morning Jason told me he wanted to buy some good walking shoes!! baby steps, I like it.

Yesterday was a green check day, even with an unplanned out to lunch for work. We went to Califorina Pizza Kitchen. I had heard that it was not the...

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Tuesday, August 16th 2011

Yesterday was a good day overall. Got a green check! This morning I did speek work on the track. I miss doing it with the running group BUT it is nice to get the workout done before work so this evening I can be productive and then relax.

Scale was still mean this morning....still at 220 BUT I am not freaking out. I feel good and am still very motivated. I know it will show my hard work soon. If it does not move in the next couple of weeks I will have someone review my food journa...

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Monday, August 15th 2011

Well. Let's talk about the good things.

I ran a 14 mile long run again and ran it a tiny bit fast than last week. I felt pretty good the run. Just a few moments of am I done yet but it was better than last week. Next week I get a break. 8 Miles! BUT at half marathon race pace (11:11 minute miles).

We all went clothes shopping for back to school. clothes are fitting better again. I can wear XL shirt and some are too big now!!! XL NOT a 1X in the Womans department, a regular old...

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