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Friday, Sep 16 2011

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No working out today! It was nice to wake up this morning and have to walk the dogs. Yesterday evening during my personal training session my trainer cut my the workout short (this has never happened to me before) He made it more of a therapy session - good stretching and ART work, he is also my Chiropractor.

I guess he saw something in my that made him think I needed a break. In my mind I know he was right but it is so hard not to feel like I stupid to think that way. I will take the rest because I have many miles to run this weekend.

Scale was nice again. 217.5! Hoping for a good weighin for PAWS on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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6 years ago

good job, girlfriend! Like they always say rest is just as important as working out. If you hadn't been working hard, he would have kept pushing you. Let's make Monday's PAW a great one!




6 years ago

Definitely not a failure -- necessary!!

by NMA5632