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Wednesday, Sep 21 2011

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Running workouts have been going great. This morning was 5 x 1 mile at my half training pace. Felt great all 5 sets.

This Friday I am cheating on my personal trainer and doing a workout with my running coach. He wants to show me some specific running strength training exercises I can do on my own. I am a little nervous. He is a track coach for a University. We communicate through emails so this should be interesting.

There is a little stress at home right now. My husbands job just went to part-time. We thought this would happen. At least he has a great paying part time job and will look for another job for the afternoons. Luckily he does have an interview tonight for a job that would be great. I think this stress is causing a little stress eating. But I am trying not to let it be an excuse. When Jason got laid off 3 years ago.....I gained almost 40 pounds. I don't want to do that again.

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6 years ago

Hope his interview went well.

Hey - where is your office / where do you live? Feel up to trying to meet up this week some time?




6 years ago

That sucks about your husband's job. Try to stay on top of that stress because, like you said, it's easy to be overwhelmed by it. Oh and good luck with the coach's exercises - I'm sure they will be great!




6 years ago

Sorry about your husbands job, but I'm glad it sounds like you guys were somewhat prepared for it. I hope he finds something better!
Way to go with the workouts!




6 years ago

So sorry about your hubbys job. That is terrible!
Good luck with the work out, I hope he shows you a lot of great exercises.