SAXONHARP's Oct 2011 CalorieKing Blog

Monday, October 24th 2011

Did the St. Louis Rock n Roll half marathon yesterday. Missed a PR by 9 seconds! Darn. BUT I felt great the entire time. I have never felt that good during a half marathon before. I was pumped all day yesrterday after the race, didn't even feel like I ran 13.1 miles. Time was 02:29:25. I probably could have ran it faster but I was following how my running coach wanted me to run the race. He wanted me to start out slow at 11:45 minute miles and then half way through go 11:11 minute miles....

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Friday, October 21st 2011

Had awesome NSV this morning. There was a dress I bought last summer I was probably 5 pounds heavier. It looks pretty good but I had to wear spanks underneath.

This morning I thought "I wonder how that dress would fit now" AND it was loose!! I don't have to wear spanks but I do have to wear controlling panties for my loose stomach.

Speaking of loose stomach. I know loose skin worries people....especially for those with 100 pounds to loose. BUT that is another thing I a...

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Monday, October 17th 2011

216.25. Yeah. Only a .25 loss BUT I am very happy that I have mainly maintained this weight. When I got to this weight last summer it did not last long....maybe 2-3 weeks. The other thing I am happy about is that I had a very busy week at work and home so I did not do a great job a logging. Usually I have to log faithfully to drop some weight. I am hoping this shows that eating healthier and in less quantities is becoming more natural for me.

Now this week I plan to log faithfully a...

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Monday, October 10th 2011

Had my last 3 hour run yesterday and it felt great. I felt great the entire time and was able to run at the fast end of my easy long run pace. My running has been going great. My legs have been getting stronger and my natural pace is faster. I don't feel like I am shuffling as much. BUT I have to ask you a question. I should feel great about this right? The scale even said 216.5 this morning (I have been trying to get back to this weight since last summer) BUT it just all scares me so ba...

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Tuesday, October 4th 2011

The past week has been very stressful for me. I reality of my husbands part time status really sunk in. So many emtionals - sad, scared, angry, even hopeful.

I just needed to crawl in a hole for a little bit but I am now digging myself out.

Last week I had to cut a lot of expenses - no personal training, no Chiropractor, It really stunk when I had to cancel my daughters Clarinet and dance lesson for the month of October. They totally understood and we not upset at all. We have th...

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