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Tuesday, Oct 4 2011

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The past week has been very stressful for me. I reality of my husbands part time status really sunk in. So many emtionals - sad, scared, angry, even hopeful.

I just needed to crawl in a hole for a little bit but I am now digging myself out.

Last week I had to cut a lot of expenses - no personal training, no Chiropractor, It really stunk when I had to cancel my daughters Clarinet and dance lesson for the month of October. They totally understood and we not upset at all. We have the best daughters. I am continuing to cut expenses this week too....

Good news. My husband found a retail position that is close to home that he will work 30ish hours a week which will help wiht the lost income. I am so proud of him, he has been applying like crazy to get this job. He also has a professional interview later this week AND another person did a phone screening yesterday and said they want to set up a face to face. So right now there is a lot of action for the professional positions. Since he got this retail job we can probably get the girls back into their activities in November.

Also, he has been doing pretty good about walking. He also got is Cpap machine adjusted and is sleeping better so in general he is feeling better.

My workouts amazingly are going very well. This morning I did a 6 mile jog and was runnning at a faster pace than I was supposed to but it just felt so good.

I hope that I can still tackle this marathon training AND the financial stress.

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6 years ago

I'm glad to hear you are doing better. I'm also glad to hear about the better prospects that seem to be out there and are interested in hiring your husbands. I will be thinking of you guys!




6 years ago

Glad he found something!! Its a tough economy, I know. You are in the St. Louis area, aren't you? My brother owns 2 businesses, one downtown and one out in St. Peters. He's had to lay people off which was really hard for him to do.




6 years ago

I have been thinking about you. I am glad he got a pt job. It will help and hopefully some of the stress will ease up.
You have wonderful girls... And I am so proud of your hubby, walking and fixing his Cpap... A good night sleep will do him wonders on facing a new day.
Good for you on keeping up with taking care of you! Keep those workouts going!




6 years ago

Wow, that sucks so bad. I am glad that your husband was able to find something that will help out until something better comes along.




6 years ago

so stressful! Good for you both for making adjustments and for your husband to respond so quickly and find something. Controlling what you can (one of my favorite sayings) is a really good thing!

by NMA5632



6 years ago

I'm am so, so sorry to hear of this Lisa. These are really hard economic times for many people, so I am sure that the job news had to be pretty hard to hear. I am glad you are continuing to do well on your workouts. It appears that you are controlling what you can and that's a good thing to do. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care.