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Monday, Oct 10 2011

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Had my last 3 hour run yesterday and it felt great. I felt great the entire time and was able to run at the fast end of my easy long run pace. My running has been going great. My legs have been getting stronger and my natural pace is faster. I don't feel like I am shuffling as much. BUT I have to ask you a question. I should feel great about this right? The scale even said 216.5 this morning (I have been trying to get back to this weight since last summer) BUT it just all scares me so bad. I am having a hard time enjoying it. I guess I am afraid that I am not going to be able to keep it up? I don't deserve it? I am a bit of a mental case about it.

Next week I only have to run 1 hour! Don't even know what to do with that! then on the 23rd is the St. Louis Rock n Roll half marathon. I really, really would love to PR. My best 1/2 time was 2 hours and 29 minutes. I am pretty sure I can do it....

Training for this marathon has taken a lot of physical and emotional energy. I guess I just would not want to have done all this work if I cannot do my best. I need to figure out a way to enjoy these good things.

The rest of the runsthis point forward are pretty easy. They say you need to have a nice long taper for a marathon. the lognest run I will do are the half marathon and another 2 and 1/2 hour run. Only 5 more weeks until the Marathon. Wow.

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6 years ago

I know EXACTLY what you mean on all the mental energy stuff. All I can say is that I learned a good lesson from the 1/2 I did in September - enjoy the day, the rest will be what it will be. I regret not allowing myself to look around and enjoy the experience instead of running with my head down because I was worried about time. You will do great, I have no doubt, just be sure to have fun too. ;)




6 years ago

Wow - it's so close already! I think the long run prep is just as mental as it is physical. It is not uncommon to have all these doubts. Trust yourself, you have done the prep. You are ready for this. Not only will you do amazing, but you will feel amazing!

I'd love to get lunch again when things calm down a bit. I'm actually staying this weekend - WOO HOO!




6 years ago

You should feel great! Your times are amazing fast given your current weight and will only get faster as you lose. My favorite comment I read lately is "The best form of legal doping is losing weight!" I have done all training necessary for my running, at this point losing weight is where I will see an immediate payoff. Good Luck and have fun!




6 years ago

Wow the weeks are flying by! you are doing so awesome!




6 years ago

you really are doing great, just try and enjoy the moment. Not all of your runs will be good but it is the bad runs that make the good ones that much better.




6 years ago

I'm confused. You're training for a full and the longest run you'll do before it is 13? //I always feel better and more able to stick with it when I'm training for something. Maybe just having a dedicated workout schedule will be good when the marathon is over.

by NMA5632



6 years ago

Congrats you are doing awesome! I know it feels weird losing weight and getting out of your comfort zone...I feel that way too... Boldly going into the unknown =) but you are so worth it!