SAXONHARP's Nov 2011 CalorieKing Blog

Wednesday, November 30th 2011

Well poo......218 this morning. I am back where I started at the beginning of the month. Sigh.....

BUT, the good thing is, I know exactly what I need to do to see 214 again. The past 2 weeks I have not been weighing myself daily AND I have not been logging all my food. Obviously I am not ready to stop using these 2 tools. When I do these things the scale moves in the right direction. On a positive note I did not gain during this month. It was a big holiday month, I traveled and have ...

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Monday, November 21st 2011

I had a nice post marathon week and it ended with a beautiful reward this morning, 215.5 on the scale!! I stepped on and off the scale 3 times to confirm. I will not change my CK current weight until next week when I see it again. Only 1.5 pounds more to go and I will be back at the lowest I got to a year and half ago, 214. 214 has been my mini goal for a while. I was only there for about a week when I saw that number but I want to hit it and not go up again.

Last week I did not do a...

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I am a Marathon Finisher!!!!

Monday, November 14th 2011

I finished! Official time is 5:29:55.8!!!!

I had the best trip. My brother and sister in law were awesome. My sister in law Kristi drove the race course with me the day before. It was a great idea because we knew the best spots for my brother Mark and Kristi and the kids to be for race support.

Mark met at mile 10, 14, 15 and 19 (switching out my fuel bottles and giving me my gu packets) and of course 26.2. My daughers, Kristi and her 2 daughters were at mile 14 and 19 and the f...

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Monday, November 7th 2011

It has been busy for me lately. At work and home.

My husband is working so hard. I am very proud of how he is handling his work situation. He is doing his PT professional job and is working full time a Big Lots (a discount Wal-Mart type place). The funny thing is, he is in such a better mood! he is working a million hours but he comes home in a great mood and has more energy than he has had in a long time. The past couple years he really was getting depressed and was just getting so l...

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