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Monday, Nov 21 2011

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I had a nice post marathon week and it ended with a beautiful reward this morning, 215.5 on the scale!! I stepped on and off the scale 3 times to confirm. I will not change my CK current weight until next week when I see it again. Only 1.5 pounds more to go and I will be back at the lowest I got to a year and half ago, 214. 214 has been my mini goal for a while. I was only there for about a week when I saw that number but I want to hit it and not go up again.

Last week I did not do any exercise until Saturday. My body felt totally back to normal by Wednesday. I wonder if this change in routine was part of the loss this past week? I do have to admit that I did not do a very good job about logging my food. I really need to get back to logging so i don't see the scale go up again.
Saturday I did a strength training and step aerobics class. I was a little worried about my legs for the step class but they felt great. Sunday I did a great spin class. I will do my first run tomorrow or Wednesday (depending on the weather, it is supposed to be rainy here the next day or so) and tomorrow I meet with Tim, my running coach for my post marathon training plan.

I thought after the marathon I would be not run again for a long time. I am happy because I don't feel that way. I really want to run again mentally and physically! I see people running and I just can't wait to get back into again.

My girls wanted to go to McDonalds this weekend. We took them and I ordered a quarter pound burger meal. Boy my tastes have changed. I only ate half the burger and 1/4 of the fries. The fries were good but the burger was gross. It was nice to left food and not have a battle in my felt so natural just to throw it away!!

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6 years ago

Glad to hear that the recovery isn't as scary as some other stories I've heard. Of course, I'm guessing you actually did get your midweek runs in as opposed to the other people I've talked to. =D




6 years ago

TY i'm much better today :kiss:




6 years ago

Awesome! I can't wait for you to change that # :)




6 years ago

I really wish I could find a running coach, it sounds like he has helped you so much!!

I thought you were supposed to take it easy the week after a marathon!!