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Monday, Dec 12 2011

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I have to honestly say that the past 4 days have not been my best eating wise. Work has been very busy lately, home is busier getting ready for the holidays and it is approaching that time of the month for me......I have been having a hard time staying away from sweets. Since things are so busy and there are so many things to do….the stress is making it more difficult for me to make better food decisions.

I have not been binging at least. I have just been replacing some of my snacks and/or meals with cookies or chocolate, etc. I figure why add the extra calories when I know I will eat the sweet anyway and I really don’t want to eat 1 cookie. I rather have 2 or 3.
Still better than what I used to do….binge on an entire bag of something.

Luckily my weight is the same 218.

Right now I think it is best not to make any grand plans of eating perfect. I think I am just at a place where I have to take it minute by minute….not ready for day by day yet. I don’t need the added pressure of not failing.

Don’t get me wrong…not giving up…..just not setting myself up to feel guilty or like a failure.

Good things:
1. Exercise is going great. I am feeling very strong during my workouts
2. My husband has a 3rd interview today!
3. Had a great weekend with my daughters. We surprised Jason by buying the Christmas tree, putting it up and decorating it. He loved it…even though the tree leans a little….
4. I am glad that I have a place like CK to post these feelings. It is a great place to be.

Oh and I finally decided to buy a professional picture from the marathon. Here it is.

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6 years ago

That picture of you is great! I think the minute by minute plan for the holidays is a great idea. I know I just aim for maintenance until all the distractions - especially the yummy ones - are done. Good luck to your husband!




6 years ago

The minute I saw the picture I said in my mind the same thing Rachel did below! Too funny. You look so strong, athletic, and fantastic!! It's a tough month for everyone. I will be happy to maintain this month which will be far better than the usual 7-10 pounds I used to put on in the past. I loved your 'good things' list. Great idea for focusing on... well, the good things!! So needed this time of year. :kiss:




6 years ago

What an awesome picture! Look at those strong legs! I had a hard time this weekend with eating too. You'll get back to where you need to be, I know it.




6 years ago

What a nice suprise for your hubby to have the tree all done! I hope he hears good news after 3 interviews!!!! Fingers crossed. I love love the pic! you look amazing!




6 years ago

it's a good plan. go forth a maintain or lose a little!




6 years ago

it is so hard to stay in weight loss mode this time of year!!

Good luck to hubby!!!

I :love: the picture!!