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Tuesday, Jan 3 2012

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Happy New Year! Funny, I feel the same I did on December 31st.

Overall last week was very good. Monday through Friday I logged all my food.

The weekend I did not do as well as there was a lot of running around but I did not binge and did not eat as much as I normally would on NYE.

This past weekend I did a 9 mile run and it felt great. It was perfect winter running weather. It was about 30 degrees but the sun was out. That was the last of single digit long run for me. The next 2 months I am back in double digit long runs, speedwork workouts and tempo runs. I have a half marathon scheduled on Jan 21st. This morning was 10x400m @ 5k race pace. It felt pretty good.

I am ready for this week. All my food has been logged for the day and my motivation is high.

I am not sure why I am just so chicken to step on the scale. I know I am not back down to 216-218 yet but I definately feel so much better than I did before. The muffin top is going away and my extra jiggles are leaving. I am not sure what my mental block is there. I know it is just a number and it should not run my life. hmmm.....

My work is a little stressful right now. They are going to lay off some people. I will be OK but it is stressful environment right now which I hope will not trigger the emotional eating.

We have not heard back about Jason's potential job. He had the 4th interview but they still had to schedule the 2 other people for their 4th interview and they were not sure if they would get them in last week or this week. Jason is going to follow up tomorrow. It is out of our control now. We are just hoping this job was meant to be....

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6 years ago

Run, Lisa, RUN! I can't even run one block. But I wasn't much of a runner even when I was skinny in high school.




6 years ago

Good luck with work, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Awesome job on the running!